Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kuching, Sarawak

Date            : 4th - 7th December 2011
Duration      : 4 Days 3 Nights
Type           : Family Vacation- All girls edition

.:: Map of Kuching ::.

Kuching was SPLENDID!! Serius berbaloi 1 JAM 45 MINIT dok dalam flight. Obviously terbang via AIRASIA. Timing memang cantek coz after this airport tax mencanak naik. Phew~ Macam mana nak promote tourism gini.


This time my family and I stayed at 360 Urban Resort Hotel Kuching situated at Hock Lee Centre Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim. Actually the building was a bit off from town centre so sangat RELAXING and X CROWDED sangat. Bilik besar gilaks and decoration was really simple but MENARIK. Check the details at but compared to all hotel I've been previously, this hotel was THE BEST!! The room was SPACIOUS and tremendously CLEAN. The LCD TV was big. Even the channels from Singapore can be received. The room was also provided with single couch and ELEGANT work space. There was also complimentary cabel internet. What I like most was the bathroom. Even though there is no bathtub- one of my FAVOURITE things regarding hotels- the shower is CLASSY and the pipe make it easy for MUSLIMS to take their wudhu'. 


Kuching basically revolves around waterfront. Thus, if nak senang going around next time should stay at hotels nearby such as Riverside Majestic, Hilton Kuching, or Grand Margherita. If nak yang budget sket just simply stay at Tune Hotel, Singgahsana Lodge or Kuching Waterfront Lodge pun quite nice.

However, this time we decided to rent a car. Viva 850cc costs us Rm 120 per day with Rm 10 charge per additional hour.  

.:: QAU 9167 ::.

Once arrive at the Kuching International Airport, we go straight to the car rental counter. The process is easy but we have to pay extra Rm 500 for insurance. No worry, the company return the money as soon as they inspect the car after we return it.

.:: The car rental counter ::.


== Kuching Cultural Village ==

Also known as The Living Museum. The entrance fee was shockingly expensive. Rm 60 for adults and Rm 30 for children below 12 years old. Nevertheless, there is a SECRET unstated anywhere and we have to ask for it. UNIVERSITY STUDENTS with ID can get inside as low as Rm 15 only. Rather cheap, isn't it? 

.:: Shall we start?? ::.

There were two session of cultural dance. We were late of 10 minutes to watch the 11.30 am - 12.15 pm while the afternoon session started at 4.00 pm - 4.45 pm. Their dancing were AWESOME!!

.:: The opening of bamboo dance was rather dramatic ::.

.:: Love the act by the blowpipe man ::.

.:: Live musician and authentic singing ::.

.:: Malay dance performance ::.

.:: Joget lambak! Haha ::.

.:: My sisters were mesmerized ::.

After 45 minutes of overwhelming dance, we walked for a tour to the total of SEVEN ETHNICS houses built on the 17 acres land.

.:: Must stop picture spot ::.

.:: First house- Bidayuh House ::.

.:: Perhaps this was how they extract the sugarcane ::.

.:: Second House- Iban Longhouse ::.

.:: The hallway of Iban Longhouse ::.

.:: The stairs of Iban Longhouse ::.

.:: One of the rainforest tree ::.

.:: Beautiful wooden bridge ::.

.:: The waterfall scenery ::.

.:: The verandah with tea house ::.

.:: Rm 1 per 3 tries of Penan traditional blowpipe ::.

.:: Third House- Penan Hut ::.

.:: Fourth House- Orang Ulu House ::.

.:: The house was quite tall ::.

.:: I personally liked the art on the wall ::.

.:: Most houses sold traditional cakes inside it ::.

.:: I bought this ubi at the Orang Ulu house ::.

.:: One of the carved stones ::.

.:: Fifth House- Melanau House ::.

.:: Sixth House- Melayu House ::. 

.:: Siapa bilang gadis Melayu tak menawan ::.

.:: Para pemikir permainan tradisional- congkak ::.

.:: Seventh House- Chinese Farm House ::.

.:: One of the most planted plants in Sarawak- pepper ::.

== Ride Penambang Across Sarawak River ==

One of the THRILLING experience was to ride the penambang to cross the Sarawak River. The fee was only 50 sen per person. The ride was less than 10 minutes yet it was an adrenalin rush moment. 

.:: We picked the CLOSEST jetty ::.

.:: On the ride ::.

== Fort Margherita ==

Also known as The Police Museum. The pictures might looked FANTASTIC but the interior of the place itself was sadly uninteresting. Perhaps the authorities should do something to promote the fort. Even the route to the fort was BUSHY and SCARY. However, the place was only 10 minutes away on feet from the penambang port.

.:: The steps leading to the fort ::.

.:: The path was not always taken ::.

.:: Fort Margherita in distance ::.

.:: At the entrance ::.

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